'The English Wedding Photographer - Berlin, Potsdam & Brandenburg'
My Approach To Wedding Photography
Taking you back to how your day felt...

I'm a candid documentary wedding photographer based in Berlin

I'm a candid documentary
wedding photographer
based in Berlin

For the majority of your wedding day, I work discreetly, blending into the background, as a candid documentary wedding photographer.

This means that I will photograph your day exactly as it happens, naturally, rather than directing things happen to happen. It is your day, not mine, and I want you to enjoy it to the full while having beautiful photographs to look back on for years and years to come.

My aim is for nothing to be staged, apart from desired family photos and couple portraits, and I truly hope you will forget I am even there and just concentrate on having fun and having the best day ever.

Because I will photography real and genuine moments, your wedding photographs will remind you of not only how your day looked, but much more importantly, the wedding photographs will also take you back to how you really felt, the emotions, the happiness and the love.

My business is story telling. Photographing genuine emotions & moments.
I want you to treasure your wedding photgraphs for years and years to come and I feel this is achieved by photographing your genuine and real wedding day moments and emotions.

I will photograph you, your friends and your family exactly as you are rather than me continually interfering and asking you do pose in certain ways. Your wedding photographs should represent the story of your actual wedding day, not how I think it should be.

I want you to not just love the wedding photographs when you first see them but I want you to see them as invaluable memories for all time and this is why I value photographing the real, true and genuine emotions and moments.

My method to telling your story and photographing your real wedding moments
The way I capture genuine, real emotions and moments starts when we first sit down for our pre-wedding talks. We will get to know each other and, importantly, feel comfortable around each other before your bid day even arrives.

Wherever possible I will make a pre-wedding scout of your chosen location, allowing me to know the perfect angles, light sources and get an idea for how the day will run.

During our pre-wedding chats we will talk through your wedding day time line, your key wishes from the day and I will ask you to provide a list of names and photos for your most important key guests, allowing me to know who to focus on during your special day. Everyone is important, but we know that the tears and smiles of a certain few will stay with us forever.

On your wedding day, I will work in a way which will make you feel completely at ease and my aim is that you will forget than I am even there for the majority of the day. To help blend into the background, I use a modern camera system which can be completely silent and this helps hugely in capturing the real emotional moments that I know you will love, you might not even notice them happening on your wedding day!

The more relaxed you are, the less you're aware of my presence you are, the more natural and beautiful your wedding photographs will be.

Ultimately I don't work for my couples but rather I work with them. Your wedding day should be a magical experience and I want my photos to match.