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Couples & Engagement
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Couple and Engagement photoshoots in Berlin, Brandenburg & Potsdam

Couple and Engagement
photoshoots in Berlin,
Brandenburg & Potsdam

Whether you have recently got engaged, reaching an important anniversary or you just want to celebrate each other as a couple, a photoshooting is a beautiful idea to document your love and forever capture your relationship in stunning photo form.

I work hard to ensure my couples forget that they are having their photos taken and just enjoy the time together, allowing me to capture real and genuine emotions and moments.

We can enjoy a walk through a beautiful location, capturing memories on the way. The goal is to always have a relaxed, fun time without the stress or nerves.

Photographing real and genuine moments means that your photos will remind you of not only of this happy time together, but much more importantly, they will also take you back to how you really felt, the emotions, the happiness and the love.

Nervous about being in front of the camera? Don't be!
It's natural to be nervous, and I often hear couples saying that they are 'no good in front of the camera' but I can reassure you that I've not met a couple yet who I haven't loved photographing and who afterwards haven’t loved the photos we’ve taken together.

My photoshoots are designed to be relaxed and fun. I want my couples smiles to be genuine and not forced. I want to photograph your sneaky moments where you giggle together or embrace each other after forgetting that I'm even there.

Would you climb up onto a big fallen down tree and try to balance the longest? Great! Show me! Have fun and just be yourselves!

Couple and engagement photoshoots are also great because they give you confidence. You will see that having your photograph taken isn’t something to be worried about AND you will see that you look amazing on camera.

Are you ready to celebrate your love?
I would love the opportunity to be able to tell your story. If you choose me as your photographer then I promise I will give my all to capture your genuine moments, emotions and love.

So if you love the idea of having a fun few hours in a beautiful location, having a great time and taking photos together then please do get in touch.

I cover Berlin, Potsdam & Brandenburg, which all boast many beautiful locations for your photoshoot at all times of the year and I can offer photoshoots on all days of the week, so we will always be able to find a time that suits.

I really look forward talking to you soon.

All the best,